The overall objective of the project is to contribute significantly to the reduction of fatalities and serious injuries caused by road accidents in Ukraine, starting with providing for safer conditions for travelling on the road sections.

The ‘Modernization and Safety Improvement of the Road Network in Ukraine’ aims at:

  • Improving safety of road infrastructure and operations on the core network of Ukraine;
  • Improving connectivity between the EU and Eastern neighbouring countries;
  • Promoting socio-economic development in Ukraine;
  • The ongoing strengthening of national road safety management capacity in Ukraine, headed by the EU and the World Bank, with EIB focusing on road infrastructure improvements.

     To address these objectives, EIB prepared the road safety program for Ukraine covering two major components: safer roads and safer road user.

     The Component I (Safer Roads) shall address road design issues, namely the integration of safety requirements, building the capacity of a Ukrainian Road Agency, Ukravtodor, in road accident analysis and road safety audits, but also the overall road safety management.

 The Component II (Safer Road Users) shall concentrate on the implementation of targeted road safety campaigns, evaluating their impact and awareness.


To achieve the above-mentioned objectives, ‘Modernization and Safety Improvement of the Road Network in Ukraine’ has to fulfill the following tasks:


Component I: Safer roads

  1. Update Ukrainian road design standards and approve processes to reflect international best practice on road safety and increase focus on vulnerable road users;
  2. Develop Ukrainian Road Safety Audit capacity;
  3. Improve road accident analysis tools and know-how enabling planning and design agencies to target road safety problems;
  4. Increase capacity and processes within Ukravtodor to manage planning, design and operation of safer roads;
  5. Support to Ukravtodor to ensure road safety aspects are included on current EIB/EU funded road projects


Component II: Safer road users

  1. Increase awareness and understanding of the main accident risk factors in Ukraine, which ultimately can lead to changed attitudes and behavior, targeting both decision makers and road users;
  2. Prepare and carry out Safety awareness and education campaigns, combined with physical measures to protect road users and manage speeds.