On April 24, journalists learned about the  "Black Spots"  road sections where car accidents and  often occur.Last year, more than 3,000 people perished because of them.

Black spots - this is how the Road Audit experts call problem areas on the roads that arose during their design.

For several years  the expert of the European Investment Bank (EIB), Ilie Bricicaru, together with "Egis-Ukraina" company, is conducting an audit of Ukrainian roads within the framework of the EIB technical assistance project "Modernization and Safety Improvement of the Road Network in Ukraine".

In a press tour in Odesa with the support of "Internews-Ukraine" NGO, Ilie asked them to draw the attention of the widest possible audience to the problems of security on Ukrainian roads. The journalists were also very interested in the competition for the best publications on these issues, which is being conducted by "Egis-Ukraina" together with the EIB.

"From the Ilie's lecture, I learned a lot of details that ordinary journalists usually do not pay attention to," said Anna Martyschuk, a journalist at ZIK TV channel (Lviv). "If they are covered, then designers of roads and profile departments will pay attention to them."